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  • The Warrior's Way Review (That Cowboys Vs Ninjas Film)

    A lot of what one can deduce from trailers of The Warrior's Way is that it has about cowboys against. Ninjas. It's not much more than that however, the story proved to be quite complicated. Although The Warrior's Way doesn't have the lowest budget anywhere, however, it's certainly a small one, however, the film's makers used what they could in the right areas.

    The first time I watched it From the very first scene until the final, what did I find most striking during The Warrior's Way were the costumes. The costumes were outrageous and appear to be influenced by Mortal Kombat and various space westerns such as Trigun or Cowboy Bebop. I would like to wear one of those dusters cowboys wear. I could then alter my moniker to McAsswhoop.

  • Outside of a quick action sequence at the start of the film The first part of The Warrior's Way is pretty awfully slow. Couple this with an unimpressive supporting cast and a sporadic performance, and it's no wonder that I was very agitated for action. The main character, Yang (played by Dong-gun Jang) is forced to leave his family and country with the last living descendant from their rival clan because of his inability to kill a newborn. Yang is forced to travel toward his home in the American West to find one of his old acquaintances in a small town called Lode. On arrival, Yang is informed that his friend is deceased. Then, a grueling laundry service begins (Don't ask questions.) The film then introduces the number of different factions and the story becomes more complicated than I originally anticipated.

    There are Two antagonists within The Warrior's Way. The first one is the Sad Flute ninja clan and their leader appropriately known as the Saddest Flute. The Sad Flutes are intent on destroying the last rival clans. This group in general recalls Ra's Al Ghul's assassins from the movie Batman Begins. We also have the Colonel with his men. A rogue squadron regularly holds Lode's town Lode hostage in order that they can be raped by the Colonel's young girls. The Colonel is clearly the most hated enemy. When the three factions clash during the second half of the film, it becomes real.